I’m born in New Zealand and moved to Australia with my very large family of 15 back in 2008. The move to Australia has been such a positive outcome for my family and I as it has offered us so many great opportunities. Family is a big part of me as this is our cultural way. I love spending time with my family especially all my Nieces and Nephews.

One thing I am truly grateful for is my Dad’s outlook and beliefs in life being Mindset and Law of attraction. I’m lucky enough that he has installed these firm beliefs in me. I use and believe in these powerful tools in my day to day routine.

I have been on the crossfit scene since 2013 coming from a sports back ground playing Rugby Union/Rugby League, AFL and Personal training.

I’m not a shy athlete when it comes to crossfit competition but the one thing I’m known for is getting around the community. My love and passion for helping other people excels any of my physical abilities. One thing is being an athlete but another is being an incredible coach which is what I strive for each and every day. My goal is to one day compete in the pacific Regionals as an individual competitor in the up and coming years.

Cert 3/4 in fitness
Advance Movement analysts
Resistance Band coaching certification
Level 1 Boxing instructor
Advanced Kettlebell Coach certification

Olympic weightlifting & crossfit Coach