Fraser Reynolds


My passion for the health and fitness industry evolved from a very young age and I was instantly intrigued to learn more. Growing up I competed in various sports and therefore leading a healthy active lifestyle was always something that interested me massively. During my university degree to become a Physical Education teacher I began weight training and completed my personal training qualification. I then began training some friends and was completely hooked by the results they were achieving. Not only were they looking better aesthetically but the development in their overall happiness was something that attracted me most. From then I set my goal to become a positive influence in as many people’s life’s as possible.

Over the last 4 years I have developed my knowledge of the health and fitness world by working in various gyms, boot camps and most recently owning 2 CrossFit facilities in Scotland. In delivering these different training methodologies I believe I have developed the understanding needed to get my clients the results they deserve. For me working alongside people to achieve their dreams is a real privilege and something I immerse myself in everyday I can!

My preferred training style is CrossFit. I love the community ethos, friendly environment and positive mind set instils. Training within such a social environment creates friendships, accountability and motivation. CrossFit is for everyone and I pride myself on creating an environment that nurtures, encourages and caters for all levels of ability. A place of values above all else a culture of mutual respect in the pursuit of personal excellence. In doing so I believe we create a community of friends who motivate, encourage and bring the best out of every single person who enters the gym. In joining the body revival team my overriding goal is to help everyday people realise their true potential.

  1. Favourite quote?

“Success is where preparation and opportunity meet”

“If you even dream of beating me you’d better wake up and apologize”

  1. Favourite exercise?

Power Clean

  1. Secret Crush?

Aaron Lapira

  1. Favourite Super hero?


  1. Describe yourself in 3 words:

Ambitious. Excited. Humble


Level 1 CrossFit Trainer

Level 2 CrossFit Trainer

Personal Training

Level 2 Gym Instructor

PE Teacher (various sports qualifications)